Locating and securing top-tier call center agents is a time consuming and challenging process. We have developed a proprietary screening process that ensures any candidate who becomes an OSTCS agent will succeed as a provider for our clients.

Many organizations offer online certifications in technology or sales but that is not sufficient to ensure the quality we expect. We know, just because a candidate has a certification, that doesn’t mean they encompass the ability to provide services that will WOW you and your customers. Without superior customer service skills, the candidate is not OSTCS material. Some prospects have these skills innately, but more often we have found this comes with experience.

To ensure we find the best possible agents OSTCS follows a three phase process of bringing the best agents onboard:

  • Applicant Qualification Review
  • Aptitude Verification
  • New Hire Training
  • OSTCS Quality Certification

As a result we start out with the best possible candidates for training.